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Head First Into a Cow‘s Butt

Longboarder crash on the Maryhill Loops Road in Washington.

Longboarder Girl Crashes into Cow

Many Pedestrian Crossing Buttons Don’t Do Anything Anymore

In New York City an estimated 90% of these pedestrian crossing buttons do nothing during peak traffic times. You’ll find the same trend in most major cities around the world.

Read: Does pressing the pedestrian crossing button actually do anything?

Ridiculously Hostile Road Bottleneck in Mongolia

The most dysfunctional queue ..

Cedendo Victor Abibis

A road safety awareness video. Brought to you by: dog.

Semi-Trucks Are Taking a Nap

Russian Drivers Vs Speed Bump


Sticky Roads

To become a roadkill in Russia is never been easier ..

Sticky road

Cop in Moscow Takes a Ride Of His Life ..

with Russian Thin Lizzy playing on the car stereo ..

Cop taken for the ride of his life and the guilty driver captured it all on his own dash-cam

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