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Car Slips Into a Ditch, Fire Brigade Come to the Resc.. Ambulance Com..

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

The Instant News Story

[source: reddit]

“Been Drunk” Road Markings Somewhere in Russia

[source: Road markings in Russia]

Fuck the System

Cement Truck Doesn’t give a Fuck

Head First Into a Cow‘s Butt

Longboarder crash on the Maryhill Loops Road in Washington.

Longboarder Girl Crashes into Cow

Many Pedestrian Crossing Buttons Don’t Do Anything Anymore

In New York City an estimated 90% of these pedestrian crossing buttons do nothing during peak traffic times. You’ll find the same trend in most major cities around the world.

Read: Does pressing the pedestrian crossing button actually do anything?

Ridiculously Hostile Road Bottleneck in Mongolia

The most dysfunctional queue ..

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