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Ferret Has Had a Bad Day

Wendy The Weather Girl’s Eye Roll

BBC weathergirl caught on camera rolling her eyes after forecast on 10 O’Clock News ..

Weather Girl’s Nasty Eye Roll


Flip Bike Travis

Crazy bike invention from Chicago ..


Turtle Accident in Amsterdam ZOO

Big turtle pushes over another big turtle at the zoo ..

source: Big turtle pushes over another big turtle at the zoo


Cutting Toilet Paper With a Plane

Because what else would you do with a roll of toilet paper ..

source: reddit


Pawdele, Digging in the Deep – Petody

Dog`s lipdub on Adele`s Rolling in the Deep ..

source: Youtube


Giant Snowball Rolling Down a Hill

Group of random strangers produces massive snowball on Hampstead Heath in UK.

Source: Giant snowball rolling down a hill


Worst Misuse of Rock n Roll in 2011

This is what Rock n Roll did not meant to be and it wont be, unfortunately from time to time something like this have to pop-up.

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