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Ultimate Drone Save

Hero Jumps in Water to Save Kid

funny gifs

Great Dads Have Great Reflexes

Save of The Day

[source: Unbelievable Mustang Save]

Just Act Like Nothing Happened

Why is Everyone Pulling Their Parachutes?

“the drop was at the wrong place and nobody noticed until it was almost too late.
It was pure coincidence and only the quick reaction by the skydivers involved prevented injuries or worse”

football save

Crazy Football Save

Best goalkeeper, and luckiest ..

source: Best save ever.


Texting Saved His Life

Guy makes another stop for texting and avoids the oncoming tire ..

source: That kid is lucky to be alive!


Beer Has Had Saved the World, Infographic

Take your time and read the brief history of the brew. Aside from pairing perfectly with pizza, beer has done a lot of other good throughout history.

Source: Beer Saved the World (Infographic) A look back at grand tradition dating to ancient times By Tim Nudd,
The Miraculous, Magical, Magnificent History Of Beer [Infographic]

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