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The Best Videos Compilation #3

Drop It Like It’s Hot (Without Music)

previously: Singin’ In The Rain (without singing)

From Baby to 14 Years in 4 minutes – Timelapse

Dad films his daughter grow up from day one.

0 To 14 Years In 4 Minutes

What To Do In The Event Of A Nuclear Attack From Russia

In case of emergency, be cool.


Things You Do In Video Games That’d Be Creepy In Real Life


Paul’s Home Alone Christmas Card Tribute Video

Guy creates creepy but funny Home Alone mashup for Christmas.


The Most Bizarre Animated Short gets a Sequel Named ‘Late for Meeting’

Weirdly amusing short ‘going to the store’ from two years ago by David Lewandowski gets a sequel. Enjoy!

David Lewandowski

There’s a Reason Stock Video Doesn’t Have Sound

Getty Dubs

Batman Retold in 8-Bit Video Game Style

Batman The Dark Knight as 80?s arcade action! ..

previously: Blade Runner Retold in 8-Bit Video Game Style

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