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Book Of The Day

[source: This book exists]

The Chicken Club

No wonder kids were confused then.

WarmUp or CleanUp?

It’s Cinco Urinal Shower

Coming Up to a Girl Like

Get in Touch With the Creepy Child in You

via: 14 Coloring Book Corruptions

more: Coloring Book Corruptions

Japanese Version of ‘We Are The World’ with Look-a-Likes


This Time For Real: 20 Strangers Have Their First Kiss

After viral clothing company video and all parodies, here comes the real deal, 20 strangers kissing each other for real.

Here’s What It Actually Looks Like When 20 Strangers Have Their First Kiss

First Kiss Parody – “First Sh*t”

It’s not getting any better, 20 strangers taking shit in front of each other for the first time.

previous parody: NSFW First Kiss Parody – “First Handjob”

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