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Secret Giraffe Handshake

Family Photo of the Day

Technology Advancements in the Wild

One Bear’s Attempt to Walk Across The Rope

As he attempts to get to this beaver tied up on a rope in a tree.


Monkeys Riding African Bush Pigs

Monkeys in the wild chasing and riding African pigs for fun.

Monkeys riding warthogs

Bare Foot Animal Track Shoes

Vicious play in the neighbourhood.

Animal tracks are reproduced onto the soles of shoes that are worn to leave prints in urban areas.

Artist: Maskull Lassere
Special shoes let you trick your friends into thinking there are wild animals in the neighborhood

Bravest Deer Of Them All

Fearless deer walks up on guys doing target practice and fearlessly licks the barrel of the guys 308. Owner of this video claims that deer isn’t deaf, just used to their shooting all the time.

Bambi and a Gun / Thomas Mccullagh

Kangaroo Almost Drowns a Dog

Cute Is What You Should Fear Of

Just because these animals are cute it doesn’t mean they won’t eat your face off.


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