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Monkey Poops on Thrilled Crowd at the Denver Zoo

Monkey Craps On Dumb Family

A Bear Sits Alone in a Pit in The Utterly Depressing Kaliningrad ZOO

A bear sits alone in a pit in the utterly depressing Kaliningrad zoo.

I Hate Paparazzi

Chimp Smokes One After Another

Chimp Smokes One After Another

This poor animal is definitely smoking too much, there have to be something better to do locked up in a cage ..

source: Liveleak


Talking Walrus

Who said walrus cannot talk.



Cat Vs Crocodile

Courageous cat wins at stalking contest vs crocodile in Jaipur ZOO, India.


Chimp Wears Blanket In Welsh Sanctuary

Chimp gets blanket and hot tea In Welsh sanctuary in UK ..

source: Chimp Gets Blanket and Hot tea In Welsh sanctuary


Koala Caught Fapping

That animals suppose to be slow and cute, this is a real disappointment ..

source: Koala Fapping


Red Baby Panda Gets Surprised

Poor little creature almost got a heart attack ..

source: Red Panda Gets Surprised

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