Trapped in a Paradox Loop That Makes No Sense

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If someone is locked in solitary confinement, they will begin to hallucinate… with no outside stimuli, the brain starts rewiring itself, all by itself… I’ve felt this feeling first hand. you begin to start “thinking about thinking” and you get trapped in this paradoxical feedback loop that makes no sense, and reality starts making no sense.. Being a loner isn’t 100% awesome, you need to get outside of your own head and meet different people.

I wondered if robots in the future would experience “Isolation craziness”, or if its just a human thing… The robot character hallucinates this skeleton character, she thinks he’s gonna save her.. but hes inside her head, so shes just saving herself…. the human character is also a suicidal loner, who has an imaginary skeleton friend… When the robot character tries to visualize the story structure as the skeleton tells it, her brain closes the loop on the story, and shorts out, and she dies, thus freeing herself from her infinite prison.. Robots and computers have a hard time understanding looping paradoxes, if you’ve ever done programming you’ll know that Code loops, create major cycle issues, and cause the computer to crash.

Death is peace to her, she doesn’t want to live forever, its lonely.. That’s a real situation that will come up in the future.. will robots live forever?… When the human character touches the screen, it makes the “facebook message” notification sound… That’s because most people in their daily lives, allow social networking to distract them, and give them a false sense of not being “alone”….. The very beginning of the film when it says “you are looking at me, i am looking at you, are you trapped?” I am literally referring to your computer monitor.. Some people spend all day staring at a computer screen…just like the robot character, is staring at a screen in her cell all day for entertainment. The number 112358 is a Fibonacci number, its linked to The golden spiral and is an infinite shape, but its not a Closed Loop infinite shape, like the traditional Infinite symbol…She dreams of breaking free of her loop… There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the gist of it.

Long story short, Being a loner makes you crazy.. Because you get in consciousness thought loops.. But i explored the possibility of a robot experiencing thought loops, and dying because of it, and that being a happy ending because she doesn’t want to live forever.. Isolation is a double edged sword, you can benefit from the abstract way it makes you see the world, but it can also consume you.

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