Video of The Last Tasmanian Tiger

Last motion picture footage of last living tasmanian tiger, you wont see him ever with us.

“Naturalist David Fleay made this film at the Hobart Zoo in 1933, which is the last known motion picture footage taken of a living thylacine. The particular animal shown is very likely to be the last known captive. It is shown both at rest and also moving around its enclosure. In two instances, the animal displays the great extent to which it can open its jaws. Dr. Fleay stated in both his diary and an article for National Geographic magazine (Fleay 1963) that this individual was a male. Since there is no obvious evidence of maleness, this has led some to believe that this animal was actually a female. However, it seems highly unlikely that such an eminent zoologist as Dr. Fleay would have made an error over the sexing of the animal.“

Source: Video of the Last Tasmania Tiger

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